Poetry and other writings

I like to listen to the whispering sound of beautiful piano-chords. They play pianissimo those very nice words out of a very special book


When I have a very bad day, a very bad experience, disharmony with someone I love..or when I lost someone I love….or think I lost a dear-one…normal world noises are too loud..are stressing me too much.

Then a period of speechlessness, silence starts. A silence in which I, even now I am 52, can play the piano the way I did when I was still very very young…close to the nature of my heart, feeling the intensity of my emotions without any denial of pain, walking right through them….finally meeting nice, friendly comforting words from a long time ago…from a time in which I didn’t yet know anything of a world in which human beings sometimes get hurt. When I’ve listened to them for a while, I’m becoming calm and easy again and walk back to the world…a world of which I think it is beautiful, even when I got hurt sometimes.


Human ground

Sitting outside in a lazy chair

I listen to the whispering sound

of a soft wind in my hair

fooling around

taking care

of the deep bottom of my human ground.

Sjoukje Drenth Bruintjes


Dear Ocean Spirit

May your life be always protected by the Great Spirits

Bless who is fighting always for the light.

Let the immense power of the Great Ocean guide you

into the depth of your heart


And may all the secrets be revealed

to the one who wants nothing for the self


The humble endurance against evil

will in itself annihilate all evil


You stand strong my friend

in the face of all adversity

and smile at the nonsense

of the one that cannot know


You chose to help them to know

gently care of your vessel

Let patience be the guiding path

with your eyes always wondering

what lies behind the horizon


To my friend Sjoukje Drenth-Bruintjes exit counselor and much more.

with gratitude

Mountain girl


If you want to show one of your poems concerning your experiences with Miracle of Love or somekind of situation in which coercive persuasion techniques or brainwashing played an important negative role, just send them to me and I will publish it here if I think it is o.k. at this website.