What is an illusion ? The dragon shows!



Life on earth an illusion?

According to my comprehension of the beliefs of MOL, they think that nearly everything of life on earth is an illusion. That human beings hold on to the illusions would disturb a full reunion with God, so MOL seems to belief. So, according to this belief and the conclusions of, because of this belief, of MOL, human beings have to learn to let go of all these illusions: friends, family…… and what about life itself ?

In my praxis, family members of MOL – members do come with complaints about distortion of their contact with their family member in the MOL. One time I listened to the warning of a familymember of a MOL memeber  that there are MOL – members that do have the opinion that life itself is an illusion too and that they want to go home = the after – life.

In that case those MOL member´s life is in danger, according to my percpetion. An alarming situation.


According to my perception.

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