Creators / Leaders and History of Miracle of Love

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History and belief

MOL was founded in 1987 by David Swanson, his wife Carole Seidman, Gayle and some other followers. Their belief is that David Swanson´s body had been taken over by an incarnation of God: Lord Gourasana. David´s wife Carol Seidman and Gayle became spiritual leaders after lessons from this Lord Gourasana.

In 1995 David Swanson died. MOL believes his body died because it could not bare the energy of the entity Gourasana anymore. Carol Seidman, Kalindi, became spiritual leader of MOL. Gayle became second spiritual leader of this movement. Now they have spiritual leaders in different countries. Carold Seidman, Kalindi, died april the 18th 2010.

Miracle of Love uses the belief in reincarnation. Life on earth is, according to their beliefs, a life of pain and suffering in which people are bound to the illusion and that keeps people from a full reunion with God.

The creators/Leaders:


 = David Swanson, husband of Carol Seidman. Died in 1995.


= Carol Seidman, wife of David Swanson. Died in 2010.

The Lady

= Gayle


and some other followers.

Listen to the radio interview above with exitcounselor Sjoukje Drenth Bruintjes and journalist Alberto Stegeman, concerning the film Alberto Stegeman made on Miracle of Love in the Netherlands and the experience that Sjoukje Drenth Bruintjes has as an exitcounselor with people who came to her praxis for help after being under the influence of MOL.